Internship Review

All the review in this page is completely quoted and submitted by the interns of Contriver. Internship review of Contriver Mysore and Bangalore.

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Abdul Zubair

Abdul Zubair

People’s Education Society College of Engineering (PESCE), Mandya.

The overall experience in Contriver was very good the knowledge that we get here is beyond the understanding of an average engineering student everything here is completely practically engineering oriented .
It was fun being here our supervisor is with us at every pros and cons of our projects they help us in every aspect and it was a wonderful time spending with team Contriver .
Thank you team Contriver.

Aishwarya C J

Aishwarya CJ 

Geetha Shishu Shikshana Sangha Institute Of Engineering And Technology For Women (GSSSIETW), Mysuru.


I am privileged to enunciate feedback to Contriver, the one month communion with the company was completely fascinating because we were tend to learn new concepts and skills each day.

Trainers and supervisor created friendly environment where we can clarify our doubts without any hesitation. All the hands on sessions were worth while.

The project implementation could have been better.

DruvaKumar C

Dhurvakumar C

 Atria Institute Technology (AIT), Bangalore.


 It was a privilege for me to work in Contriver and learn many things that is required for today’s industrial age, I would like to thank everyone for giving me this opportunity for being a part of the family team Contriver.


 Spoorthi H

Rajarajeshwari College of Engineering(RRCE), Bangalore.

Thankful to all my team coordinator and my instructors. They thought me very well, about technical and non technical things.

I learnt many things in this internship this one-month internship thought a many thing. How to deal in the future companies.
So I’m humbly thankful for whole internship team.

Srinivas Sourab H J

 Srinivas Sourab H J

 Vidya Vardhaka College of Engineering (VVCE),Mysuru.

 Initially before joining the Contriver internship I had some doubts should I join or not but I finally joined it now I would define Contriver a synonym of quality, they put lots of quality in training us, it very useful for us mear taking a simple problem they are giving a lots of knowledge and education for us .

Thank you team Contriver.

Shobhitha M

 Shobhitha M

Mysuru Royal Institute of Technology(MRIT),

Mysuru .

 Overall my experience in Contriver has an intern was good and the supervision were very helpful and training was very easy to understand to a student level.

Farahan Sharif

Farhan Shariff

Mysuru Royal Institute of Technology(MRIT),


Being a intern in Contriver for last one month was an amazing experience I got lots of knowledge I learnt who to deal with software, the best about this internship I learnt how to work in a team while working on real time projects and trainers here provide the best training.

The knowledge that the trainers and supervisor have is amazing it was great experience being an intern over here.
Thank you

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Bhoomika Patel H C

Mysore College of Engineering & Management (MYCEM), Mysuru.

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Megha C K

Government Engineering College (GEC), Krishnarajpete.

Thushar Punjabi

Presidency University, Bengaluru.

Jennifer A

Geetha Shishu Shikshana Sangha Institute Of Engineering And Technology For Women (GSSSIETW), Mysuru.

Avinash P Rao

A C Shanmugan College of Engineering(ACSCE), Bengaluru.

Prabha U

Government Engineering College (GEC), KushalNagar.

Adithya Shankar

Kammavari Sangham Institute of Technology(KSIT), Bengaluru.

Anusha T

Geetha Shishu Shikshana Sangha Institute Of Engineering And Technology For Women (GSSSIETW), Mysuru.

Hanumesh Sadanand Sangur

Smt. Kamala & Sri Venkappa M. Agadi College of Engineering & Technology Laxmeshwar (SKSVMACET ) ,Gadag.

Paavana M

JSS Science and Technology University (SJCE), Mysuru.